Advice Every Nail Technician Should Give Their Client

No matter if you’re a nail technician beginning your business or an expert who’s been in the industry for decades, you should always feel confident about giving your clients advice for the service they’re paying you for!

Here are some simple pieces of advice to give to your clients to help you position yourself as the expert and to ensure their nail care remains perfect between appointments so as not to undo all your good work…

How to remove gel nails: Offer a gel removal service

How to remove gel nails: Offer a gel removal service

The last thing you want is to spend time, care and attention to your client’s nails, only for them to pick off their gel or try – and fail – to remove it from home themselves, resulting in damaged nail beds and poor cuticles.

By offering a simple gel removal service and recommending it to your clients, you can make sure their gel polish is always removed by a professional so that their nails remain healthy, strong and free from potential damage.


How to use gel polish: Talk them through the process

How to use gel polish: Talk them through the process

If your client doesn’t know why cuticle oil is great for your nails, or that over-filling can cause breaks and splits, chances are they won’t be using cuticle oil and they’ll be likely to cause damage to their nails when filing at home!

By talking them through each step of the manicure process – even your nail prep before their gel manicure – you can educate them so that even when they’re not with you, nail care will be top of their priority list.

Tip: This is a great way to upsell any aftercare products you may stock in your salon!

Nail care tips: Don’t be afraid to offer your expert opinion

Nail Prep Tips

Remember that you’re the expert and, more often than not, your clients will be looking to you for advice. Whether that’s about nail care or different types of designs, you’re there to educate and inform.

Chat to them about different nail shapes, discuss the options of nail extensions or natural overlays if they have particularly short or damaged nails, and make sure they’re aware of different activities that can affect the longevity of their gel manicure.

Cuticle care: Why they shouldn’t pick at their cuticles

Cuticle care: why they shouldn’t pick at their cuticles

We all know how important good and proper cuticle care is for a long-lasting manicure. Make sure your clients are aware of this too, especially if they do any nail prep between appointments.

Cuticles should never be picked at or pulled out. The cuticle is essential for nail growth, so make sure they know to push their cuticles back and only ever trim away loose skin without ripping it. It will do both you and them a huge favour in the long run!

What’s the best piece of advice you give your clients? We’d love to know – drop us a comment below.