AW19 Nail Trends Your Clients Will Love

A new season brings with it new trends, and autumn winter nails may just be our favourite nails (just don't tell summer...) 

In this blog, we’ll take you through the top nail trends for autumn winter and our favourite seasonal shades to help you create stunning nails for your clients this season. 

Muted Tones 

Bluesky Gel Polish - Muted Tones For Autumn Winter

It’s no secret that as soon as autumn arrives, plenty of us head straight for the more muted gel polish colours and change our wardrobe to match. Your clients are no different and will definitely be wanting some staple nudes and stunning but subtle shades this autumn. 

You can’t go wrong with a classic nude and one of our favourites (and yours too) is Field Fox; a staple nude for any collection and one your clients will love - that's if they don't already. 

For darker nude shades this autumn, we love the red tones and brown hues in Hot Chocolate, as well as the peach undertones of Rubble and our classic Taupe Beige Grey. 

Gorgeous Glitters 

Bluesky Glitter Gel Polish

Would it really be AW without a touch of glitter? As we head closer towards the festive season, your clients will be wanting to add a splash of glitter to their gel nail manicures. And that means you’ll be wanting to stock up on a classic gold like Gold Button as well as our most popular glitter Silver Glitter Explosion.

For something more festive, we love Ruby Ritz and Tinsel Toast - especially for a feature nail or two. And we can’t forget Pink Golda classic pink glitter all year round. 

Stand Out Staples 

Bluesky Gel Polish

Red is the perfect shade whatever the season, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to autumn winter gel polish. Kiss Me Red is our favourite shade of red and works brilliantly for a stand-out gel manicure. If your clients are looking for a deeper red shade, we love Hollywood Red Carpet or Red Sky Night. 

For those clients who never stray away from their party pinks, we’d go for one of our current best-selling pinks, Strawberry Tequila, or another of our favourite bright pink shades, Cabaret.

We also have our brand new AW19 Collection - get in touch with us at for more details about these 12 new shades.

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