Tips To Help You And Your Clients Whilst At Home

Over the past few weeks with the ongoing situation here in the UK, we’ve been so pleased to see our nail community come together to share tips, advice and ideas for helping each other, their clients and their businesses through this difficult time.

We’ve gathered our favourite pieces of advice and simple things to do to help out your clients while they’re unable to visit you. It’s an ideal time to help them all form good habits, so that when they return to the salon their nails are in perfect condition for their next gel manicure!

Teach them proper gel polish removal – and show them what products they should be using

We know plenty of your clients will have been ready for their next appointment and will now have gel that needs removing. Make sure you offer advice for proper removal so that all your hard work keeping their nails in shape isn’t undone.

Remind them not to pick or peel their gel off, and point them in the direction of proper products to help them remove any products. They can purchase Remover Wraps from our website as well as Nail Buffers, Files and Cuticle Oil to make sure the home removal process is easy for them. You can also sign up to our referral scheme, so that when they purchase anything from our website through your link, your clients get 10% off and you'll get 10% off your next order.

We’ve also seen some nail technicians live stream the process or share videos on social media for their clients to follow, which is a great idea to keep your clients engaged and to ensure that they follow the proper steps.

Make sure they know how to look after their nails in between appointments

Nail Prep Tips

Your clients should have picked up some great tips for you on proper nail care, but it doesn’t hurt to remind them! Simple tips will go a long way to making sure they keep their nail care standards high.

Educate them about filing their nails in one direction, and not to saw/swing due to the inevitable damage it will cause to their nails. You could share a tutorial video with them on your social media pages to show them exactly how it should be done to keep their nails in great shape.

Make sure they’re using their Cuticle Oil – and know why they should be!

Cuticle Oil Benefits

The easiest thing your clients can down to show their nails some extra love is by applying Cuticle Oil regularly. With extra daily handwashing, it's even more important that they keep their nails and cuticles hydrated!

Do they know that Cuticle Oil ensures that their nails will grow healthy and strong? Help them see the benefits and educate them on how regular application will help their nail strength and health.

Look at creating press on tips for your clients

Tips For Your Clients

We’ve seen some great work from some of our Bluesky Professionals who have been creating nail tips for their clients nail tips with their desired nail colours and nail art designs on. This is a great idea if you have clients who still want their nails looking as lovely as ever - appointment or no appointment! 

Make sure you reach out to your clients to offer this service if it’s something you have the resources to do. It’s a great way to keep your clients happy, keep busy and continue to generate income. Your nail tips can simply be posted to your clients for them to apply at home, meaning you can continue to offer your clients a service - and one we're sure they'll be pleased about!

Do you have any more advice to share with your fellow Bluesky Professionals? We’d love to hear from you! Make sure you’re a member of our private Facebook group so you can share your own tips and ideas with the community.