What is gum gel? Everything you need to know!

Since we introduced Gum Gel into the market, it has helped to revolutionise the way nail professionals create extensions for their clients.

From the ease of application to the ability to sculpt and shape until both you and your client are happy, it's no wonder we receive so many questions about Bluesky Gum Gel and how you can make the most out of it.

We've put together this Gum Gel guide so you can wow your clients with your work!

Bluesky Gum Gel

What is Gum Gel?

Gum Gel is our innovative nail extension product. Its unique, thick consistency allows you to easily apply and shape extensions for your client, with its gum consistency making it more flexible than traditional extension products.

What can you do with Gum Gel?

You can create any kind of extensions for your clients, whether you’re sculping over forms or using it as an overlay. You can also fix broken nails, missing corners or split nails by using a small amount of product.

How do I apply Gum Gel?

Start with a Bluesky base coat on your client’s nails and cure for 1 minute under an LED lamp/2 minutes under UV.

Gum Gel comes in a tube, which means you can squeeze the product out to apply it. You can use a combination of a brush and an orangewood stick to mould the gel; using a small amount of cleanser to help shape it.

Gum Gel is then cured under an LED/UV lamp to set it – you’ll need to cure for 1 min (LED) or 2 mins (UV).

Repeat the process for all nails and then finish by shaping them into your client’s desired style.

What are the main differences between Gum Gel and Acrylic?

When using Acrylic, we have limited time because it’s drying and setting by air. With Gum Gel, its thick gum-like consistency means you’re able to play around with it for as long as you want as it won’t set. This also minimises filing time after you’ve finished applying the gel, as you can play around with the shape until you get it just right.

What colours does Gum Gel come in?

We currently have seven different colours in our Gum Gel range. You can choose from:

Should I use Gum Gel?

Gum Gel is a great product for any level of nail technician! We recommend it for beginners due to the fact it’s so easy to apply and shape, and because you can take longer to apply it if you’re new to creating extensions and need more time.

It’s also great for more experienced nail techs who want to get creative and are sculping more extreme shapes.

What are your top tips for applying Gum Gel?

Make sure you keep an eye on the thickness when applying Gum Gel. We recommend that the thickness is no more than around 1mm – or the thickness of a debit/credit card if you want something visual to compare it to.

When applying with cleanser, make sure you keep it to a minimum. Your brush should have very little cleanser on it or the product won’t apply and stick correctly.

As always, make sure you avoid the skin. Our top tip for this is to go around the skin with a clean brush to remove any extra Gum Gel before you cure the nail.

Due to the product’s thickness, you can sometimes end up with too much Gum Gel by the cuticles. Always try to leave a small margin, as you would when applying gel polish, in order to avoid this happening.

Bluesky Gum Gel

Now you know all the tips and tricks, it's time to get started! You can pick up all our coloured Gum Gels and start offering your clients a new and unique way to create extensions.