Spring 2020 Collection: The Colours You Need This Spring

Looking for new spring colours for your nail designs? You’re in the right place. Our Spring Breeze Collection is here, filled with six gorgeous new gel polish shades to take your client's spring nails to the next level.

Take a look at all the colours you helped us choose, as well as some of our favourite ways to style the new shades to give you some inspiration.

The Colours: Staple Spring Shades For Your Clients

Back in January, we asked for your help over on Instagram. We’d whittled our new Spring Collection down to 12 colours, and we wanted you to help us choose the final six shades for the collection.

You voted in your thousands, and our collection was born: six stunning pastel shades chose by all our Bluesky users. Ready to meet them?

Bluesky Spring Gel Polish Collection

The Trends: Pastel Power & Coral Fever

Spring is all about pastel nails, as you're probably familiar with by now! Our brand-new collection focuses on six of the most stunning pastel shades, fit for any nail design this spring – and beyond!

The stand-out has to be our pretty purple Just Ride; your favourite when we asked you to vote for your top shades on Instagram. Lilac is a classic spring colour, and one we're sure your clients will be clamoring for when they see the new shades!

If you're looking to add a gel polish that's a little brighter to your Bluesky collection, we think you'll fall in love with Tulip Lover! Bold and bright corals had their moment last summer, and we're bringing it back one season early.

Bluesky Spring Breeze Collection

The Designs: Ombre Nails

Ombre all day every day is our motto for spring-summer. This is one trend that’s lasted the course of a year, and we definitely can’t see it going out of style any time soon.

We already have a full tutorial for how to create ombre nails, but here's a re-cap if this is a design you're looking to perfect for your clients this spring-summer:

1. Start by applying Bluesky Base Coat to your client's nails and cure for 60 seconds under your LED lamp/120 seconds UV.

2. Begin by adding your first colour to the top of the nail. Carefully apply the colour until you reach the middle of the nail.

3. Take your second colour and begin applying it from the bottom of the nail upwards. Leave a thin gap before you reach the first colour.

4. Take a nail art brush and, starting in the middle of the nail, very quickly brush in a sideways direction across the nail to blend the colours together. Continue until both colours have blended into each other.

5. Cure under your LED lamp for 60 seconds/UV 120 seconds.

7. Take your first colour and add another coat, repeating the process. Take your second colour and do the same.

8. Blend together with your nail art brush, once again using fast sideways strokes until both colours blend seamlessly together. Cure for 60 seconds LED/120 seconds UV.

9. Once you're happy with the opacity of your design, finish with Bluesky Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds LED/120 seconds UV.

Bluesky Spring Breeze Collection

Ready to update your Bluesky Gel Polish collection? Shop our whole Spring Breeze Collection now, and make sure you tag us in your designs on Instagram!